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We are the only one tourist club at the Warsaw School of Economics and at the same time we are affiliated as a Circle No. 26 to the Interuniversity Branch of Polish Tourism Association in Warsaw. We gather mainly students of that School (but it is not a formal requirement), who are interested in a widely grasped tourism. Membership in the Club helps to meet people, who for many years have been fond of tourism, particularly in the mountains, and have organized more than one expedition. Additionally, each Club Member is allowed to use Club equipment and borrow books from our well stocked library of guidebooks. The Club enables to apply for funds from the School and gives a formal possibility to apply for financial support for expeditions.

Our activities focus on organizing tourist and country trips. With us you can visit interesting cities (recently Oslo, Stambul, Kiev, Prague, Moscow) and also go into far mountains (Ural, Sayan Mts, the Altai, the Crimea, Romanian and Ukrainian Carpathians). But actually during the academic year our activity concentrates on our lovely country. Every year we organize about 10 weekend trips. It means that almost every month we go to discover new spots not only in the mountains. All trips are organized at costs and are open for everybody to participate. Not all of them are widely advertised. The best way to find out about them are regular visits in our Club, room No. 10 in the "W" building of the SGH. We are there (during the academic year) on "official" Club meetings on every Tuesday 7 - 10 p.m.

Apart from the trips we also organize many courses and other interesting activities (e.g. Mountain Tourism Course, first aid trainings, all-year round slide shows, tourist magazine. It does not exhaust the list of Club Members' hobbies. But the best way to find out about it is to get to know us better.

Traditional annual events organized by "TRAMP":

Integrating and familiarizing trip "Mrówki" ("Ants") third weekend in October
November trip second weekend of November
New Year's Eve in Tatras last days of December
Night maneuvers one of weekends in March
Women's Day weekend near 8th March
Trip od Economists' one of the weekends in April
Spring rally "Przejście" ("Crossing") long weekend in May

Details and contacts to guides of particular trips you can get in the Club and more information concerning trips can be found here.


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