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What is an idiotic tourism?

In the mountains you can always find freaks, who for their own reasons, wander on routes, let's call them, longer than average. In order to call such a route an idiotic route, you have to keep to some rules while wandering. These rules were set in the last century, in the dark times of Polish martial law, when in the Student Circle of Sudetan Guides in Wrocław, an Idiotic Trio was created. The trip can be called idiotic, when it has at least 50 points for the Mountain Tourism Distinction (Górska Odznaka Turystyczna - GOT) - which corresponds to 50 km in a flat area, there are no breaks longer than one hour and the time of each break is no longer than the time of the walk before that break.

Grand Slam (the Sudetan Mountains)

In the environment of the Idiotic Trio an idea has been created to set an idiotic trip that joins three outstanding peaks in the Sudetan Mountains - Śnieżka, Ślęża and Śnieznik. It is the so-called Grand Slam of the Idiotic Trio.

More info you can find on a page run by Krzysztof Strasburger http://ciamajda.ch.pwr.wroc.pl/~strasbur/ti/index.html. A local copy has been created on our page (last update: 30 Jun 2004).

The Carpathians

During the stay in Hungary we came up with an idea of a Great Hungarian Triangle. It joins the highest peaks of three mountain ranges which symbols can be found in the Slovakia/Hungary emblems: Tatra, Fatra and Matra Mountains.

We still look for a counterpart of the Great Slam in Beskidy. As one of the most interesting we can propose a route 'From K to K', what means a trip from Krynica to Komańcza (about 190 GOT on main Beskidy route, about 150 GOT on the state frontier route) that crosses the whole Beskid Niski (Low Beskid).

To Mi Meteor: The Idiotic Tourism is a lovely idea for me, that is why I have thought up two options of the Great Beskidy Slam. These are of course modified versions of 'From K to K' and each one more idiotic than the other:

  • "From K to K: 3xK" that is climbing Kamień (above Rzepedź), Kamień (above Jaśliska) and Kamień (above Kąty) on the way,
  • "From K to K: A chap cannot let Kiczera get away" so we climb as many Kiczera and Kiczerka on the way as possible. The more you find and climb, the better.

    We wait for other proposals.

    List of the trips

    The list of the Club's Idiotic Trips covers all known idiotic trips. If you want to add yours and you are connected with the Club - write to me.

    We are not confined to the very mountains. Radek proves that the concept of idiotic tourism can be fulfilled even in the city of Warsaw. Non-mountain trips are listed here.


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