Ceneria: outdoorowa porównywarka cen
Outdoor cooking in Tramp

Interesting facts from TRAMP's field kitchen

Home chocolate by Bronek

Melt 50 g of cocoa (for bakery, about 1 PLN for 100g) in about 1 glass of milk, heat it, add 1,5 glass of sugar (alternatively vanilla sugar) and cook for a few minutes. Than stop cooking and add 250g of melted fat (e.g. margarine) and 500g powdered milk (fat). Mix, add nuts and raisins (as much as you wish) and pour into forms. Keep cool until the chocolate sets.

Pork fat by Janusz

Spread a lot of salt with pepper and smashed garlic on the pork fat. Wrap it in an aluminium foil and put into a fridge for about 2 weeks (the longer it stays in the fridge, the better aroma the pork fat has). Such a pork fat is perfect for long expeditions (we tested it in the Ural Mountains) as a snack, additive for sauces, mushrooms. Its main plus, except of its taste, is the fact that it is unbelievably durable.


Condensed, SWEET milk in a can. Do not open the can, but cook it in the saucepan - water has to cover the whole can. Cook the can for 2,5 - 3 hours, from time to time turn the can upside down, so that less of sugar crystallizes. Attempts to use Ukrainian milk were not very successful - toffee is too liquid. However, Ukrainians are ahead of us in that field, you can buy there already prepared toffee. We tried to prepare toffee also on the basis of cherry, apricot, cocoa and coffee milk - unfortunately, available only in Russia - the best results were with cocoa milk.

Meals for longer expeditions

For many years, while wandering through wild and lonely paths, mainly in the mountains, when you had to carry all the food with you, even for an expedition lasting about 14-20 days, we worked out our own nutrition system - a kind of physiological minimum, that helps you to haul for days through the mountain ranges (of course we do not claim for any copyrights for the menu listed below, sometimes we found them by a trial and error process, some were discovered by accident and some, such as the basic idea of porridge we borrowed form Carpathian Club's members, and we are very grateful them for that idea).

Breakfast menu

All ingredients should be mixed carefully, so that they do not stick together after pouring with boiling water. Everything should be packed in plastic bags. One portion consists of mixed ingredients in the amount given:

  • fruit porridge milky-rice (for babies) 50g
  • oatmeal instant 20g
  • barley meal instant 40g
  • powdered milk (fat), instant 40g
  • (tiny) pinch of salt with microelements

For taste about 60g of nuts and raisings, seeds, sugar, vanilla sugar. The best idea is to season the porridge to one.s taste and try it out before expedition. From our experience we know that a tasteless porridge may significantly spoil the pleasure of the expedition.

Snack menu

The idea of snacks is to eat them when you feel like it. Everybody takes what he or she wants to eat between breakfast and supper. We usually took:

  • nuts and raisins, dried fruit, sunflower seed (together 75g)
  • chocolate or halva 50g
  • cheese 100g
  • dried sausages 75g, preferably thin ones, the drier the sausage is, the longer it will be eatable, so we recommend to dry it before expedition - e.g. hang it in a draught for a few days.
Supper menu

To make your life easier, pack each supper set in a separate plastic bag. In each bag there should be 100g of "filler" (rice, barley meal, ect. - make sure these are in separate bags - it is easier to distribute the meal between hungry members of the expedition :)), 37.5g of soy, 25g dried vegetables, 1/2 bullion cube. One limit: soy cube should not be mixed with kuskus - kuskus is only poured with hot water, while soy cube must be boiled for a while. Recently we have tried to replace soy with lyophilized meat (made by Lyovit). There are various opinions about its taste, but it does not change the fact, that this option is more expensive.

We cook the filler with bullion cube and prepare a sauce - for one supper we should use about 1/3 of the sauce package. We cook sauce with soy and vegetables. For long expeditions a good idea is to add onion, garlic, oil (e.g. for frying mushrooms) and pork fat mentioned above.

Also pea soup with soy noodles proved to be a good idea.

From another side:

Budget bread soup

2l of bullion, 200g of dry bread, 1-2 onions, some butter, teaspoon of sour cream. Pour dry bread with boiling water and leave until the bread absorbs water. Chop the onions, fry on butter and add to the soup. Mix bullion with bread, boil everything, add sour cream and parsley.

White bread soup
  • 300 ml of vegetable bullion
  • 50 ml of milk
  • 50g of white bread
  • 5g of butter
  • 1 yolk
  • salt

Cook the bullion slowly, when it boils add diced bread. Cook for 20 minutes and mix with hot milk. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring. Mix butter with yolk and add to the soup (first mix with a few spoons of soup).


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